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Online Cybersecurity Analytics

2020欧洲杯正规平台According to Cybersecurity Ventures, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide by 2021. Ready to capture your next opportunity and secure the future? Learn to hack online, on your schedule. 


2020欧洲杯正规平台Program Dates


Sep 7, 2020 - Dec 24, 2020

Closing Soon -


2020欧洲杯正规平台Oct 19, 2020 - Feb 12, 2021

Open -


Dec 7, 2020 - Apr 2, 2021

Open -

Awarded Best Online Bootcamp for Q1 2020 by Career Karma

2020欧洲杯正规平台We’re honored and grateful that we’re a top ranked Online Bootcamp by for Q1 2020, a leading authority in the bootcamp community of students. These awards were granted based on reviews from our alumni who’ve transformed their careers through our online programs.

Learn cybersecurity analytics online

Our new 480-hour immersive online cybersecurity program — offered at full-time and part-time paces — is designed to help you develop the skills you need to start a cybersecurity career as a tier 1+ SOC analyst, threat intel analyst, security consultant, or compliance analyst. Our online learners benefit from a schedule of both synchronous lectures and individual learning time, combining a connected community with flexibility for life’s circumstances.

Industry-Aligned Curriculum

2020欧洲杯正规平台Our immersive Cybersecurity Analytics course is taught by veterans of the cybersecurity industry. This immersion lets you start your cybersecurity career in months instead of years.

Hands-on Labs

Unlike traditional education methods, 50% of our courses are reserved for hands-on lab time. Learn to set traps and catch threat actors through real-world lab environments using our state-of-the-art Cyber Range, a sandbox where you can safely explore, track, gather, break, and build things.

The Online Classroom

Studying online, you’ll learn Cybersecurity Analytics while becoming a part of a dynamic, bustling community of students and tech innovators over Slack, Zoom and in-person with nearby students.

What you'll learn: cybersecurity analytics

Whether you enroll in our full-time or part-time online courses, our Cybersecurity Analytics curriculum will prepare you to handle rapidly-advancing threats. You’ll set traps and catch threat actors with our real-world lab environments paired with industry-grade curriculum. You’ll learn the analytical skills needed to stand out from the competition. Our Cybersecurity Analytics program includes 8 foundational courses designed to prepare you for success in the cybersecurity industry.

Course pace options

2020欧洲杯正规平台Paired with our Instructor-led online classroom featuring our Cyber Range sandbox environment, and individualized support from an Educational Coach, all students have access to a personalized learning experience. Choose from two different program options, each tailored  to give you the flexibility and structure to support your success. 


Graduate in 4 months with the accelerated course pace: full-time. Expect 30–40 hours per week of coursework and benefit from dedicated, full-time learning. This option requires the most commitment — you’ll attend 8 hours of live study groups per week (typically in the afternoon), complete group projects, and collaborate with others in your cohort throughout the day.


Graduate in 8 months at a pace that offers the same curriculum as the full-time program. Expect 15–25 hours per week of coursework and benefit from a structured, yet flexible, schedule designed to keep you on track. You’ll typically attend 6 hours of live study groups a week, typically in the evenings, and collaborate with your cohort throughout the day.

Your day at Flatiron School

2020欧洲杯正规平台You can learn online with our Cybersecurity Analytics program at a full-time (30 hours per week) or part-time pace (15 hours per week). We use a unique instructional architecture to maximize instructor interaction and lab exercises. Our lab times let you engage in hands-on learning on key topics during lecture portions of the class. Join live lectures with your instructor and meet with your cohort’s technical coach for weekly mentorship sessions. Throughout our programs, you’ll progress through longer 'foundational' courses concurrent with shorter, domain-specific topics.

Your cybersecurity instructors

2020欧洲杯正规平台Great teachers inspire us to connect with topics on a profound level. Industry experience alone doesn’t necessarily make someone an effective teacher –– that’s why we’re passionate about finding people who possess extensive cybersecurity experience and are also deeply committed, experienced teachers.

Dr. Jim Borders
Lead Cyber Instructor

Jim oversees cyber instruction for all campuses. Jim was formerly the head of Intl. Relations and Defense Policy at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he led scholarship in Intelligence studies.

Anna London
Lead Cyber Instructor

Anna oversees cyber instruction at Flatiron School's Washington, D.C. campus. She has a diverse background in military, government and private industry cybersecurity, having supported the FBI, Department of State and KPMG, to name a few.

Launch a career in cybersecurity with support from our Career Services team

After many years working with passionate students and helping them land fulfilling careers in tech, we’ve got a keen understanding of what goes into getting that first job.

Individual career coaching

2020欧洲杯正规平台During your job search, you’ll meet weekly with your dedicated Career Coach. Coaches help with everything from résumé review to interview prep, and help you tell your story to land your first job.

Money-back guarantee

Change careers with confidence thanks to our Money-Back Guarantee. If you graduate, follow our job-search process, and don’t secure a job offer within 6 months of your job search start date, we’ll refund your tuition in full (see terms).

Vast employer network

2020欧洲杯正规平台We’ve built relationships with hiring managers at top companies across the world, creating a robust employer pipeline for Flatiron School grads. Our Employer Partnerships team is constantly advocating for our grads and helping you get in the door.

Proven job-search framework

Through 1-on-1 guidance from our Career Coaching team and our tried-and-true job-search framework, you’ll gain the skills and support you need to launch your career.

Launch a cybersecurity career

2020欧洲杯正规平台After graduation, our students have impacted powerful change and made contributions at respected companies across the globe.

*Students placed with employers while studying with SecureSet Academy, our sister program in Denver, Colorado, which has a curriculum substantially similar to the Flatiron School Cybersecurity Analytics program.

Find the right tuition plan for you

Cohort start dates

Program Dates
Cohort Start DateStatus
Sep 7, 2020 – Dec 24, 2020Closing Soon –
Oct 19, 2020 – Feb 12, 2021Open –
Dec 7, 2020 – Apr 2, 2021Open –

What the application process looks like

Start your journey toward a career in cybersecurity analytics by joining our inclusive, dynamic student community. Passionate learners with strong critical thinking, research, and analytical skills, are a good fit for this program.

Step 1 → Apply

Submit your application. Share a bit about yourself and what’s driving you to start a career in cybersecurity engineering.

Step 2 → Admissions interview

Speak with an Admissions representative in a non-technical interview. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better. Nothing technical — just a friendly conversation.

What do we look for in a Flatiron School student?

Step 3 → Technical review

During the technical review, our instructors will learn more about your overall technical background and you will have the chance to get to know our instructors and their teaching style.

Step 4 → Admissions decision

Receive your acceptance decision from Admissions. This usually happens within 4 business days.

Step 5 → Prework

2020欧洲杯正规平台If accepted, you can start optional course pre-work to prepare for the first day of class.

Frequently asked questions

For more information, contact our Admissions team at admissions@mvprince.com or (888) 958-0569.

Do I have to have experience (what do I need to know) before I apply for Cybersecurity Analytics at Flatiron School?

In reviewing your background, we will be looking for applicants with an interest in data and analytics.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems from theft or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data. Our students are taught to be “ethical” hackers. They protect organizations against “threat actors” or bad hackers.

Can you tell me about the Cybersecurity Analytics program?

2020欧洲杯正规平台Our Cybersecurity Analytics program allows people with little to no technical experience to succeed in roles such as Threat Intel Analysts, SOC Analysts, Compliance Analysts, and Consultants. 

What is the schedule like?

Students can enroll in either the full-time or part-time courses. Our full-time course requires about 30 hours of work per week, while our part-time program requires a minimum of 15 hours of work per week.

Change Your Career Today

2020欧洲杯正规平台Start your application for our immersive program and change your life today.

Attend an Event

Join us for a seminar or info session to see what student life is like at Flatiron School.

2020欧洲杯正规平台Chat with Admissions

2020欧洲杯正规平台Have a question about our program that we haven’t answered above? Our admissions team is here to help.